Software Development

Developers with domain expertise for your project are hard to find. Let VES, LLC. works to provide subject matter expertise in our Core Competency areas of Software Architecture, Software Engineering and Coding. Our core competencies along with an overarching Domain expertise in Command Control Systems allows VES to deliver a unique skill set your projects.

Developement Operations (DevOps)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have become the norm in today's fast paced feature driven application footprint. Through the use of open source tools that enable automation of the development machine, VES can help bring your team into the world of the continuous delivery process. Using Automation as an enabler to allow the dynamic deployment of application environments, we give your developers the tools needed to meet increasingly short timelines and increased feature demands.

At VES, this is an everyday reality. We have engineers who can help evaluate your current development efforts, define and improve current processes and even help you implement a fully featured Continuous Integration solution.

Project Management

Certified Agile and Project Management professionals will supplement any team providing expertise across an array of areas to include C4ISR related project s. Our team is positioned to help deliver a successful project.